About Us


Business Overview

At Diamond Bookkeeping we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work. Only through producing accurate figures are accounts (both management and financial) of any use to anyone. We believe that accuracy and quality of work should be expected from your bookkeeper, not hoped for, whatever amounts you are paying them. If you use an accountant for your end of year accounts and tax returns and a bookkeeper for your day to day record keeping, you should expect to see lower accountants bills if the bookkeeper is doing their job correctly. If the bookkeeper produces accurate figures (a complete trial balance) for the accountant, the accountant will not have to spend as much time (at 50+ per hour in some circumstances) in the preparation of accounts. If you employ our services to maintain records on a regular basis, you can be assured that a complete and fully reconciled trial balance will be provided to your accountants and thus your accountants bill will be reduced. We can of course provide you with end of year accounts and complete your self assessment tax return for you should you not wish to use the services of an accountant.

Business Background

Diamond Bookkeeping is a relatively new enterprise formed by an assistant chartered accountant from York. The services we offer will, initially at least, only be available on evenings and weekends as we are both still employed full time.

This continuing employment does have its advantages in that we are kept right upto date with regards to accounts preparation, records maintenance, and payroll operation legislations. Should there be a change in the legislation affecting any service we provide to you, you can be assured that we will act upon it immediately, informing you of any changes that we need to make to our service.

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