Diamond Bookkeeping have recently expanded to include a new specialist service to small businesses, Record Recovery.

Unfortunately it sometimes occurs that through various reasons the records of your business fall into disarray. Admittedly this is not such a problem for some small businesses as up to date records are not required, the records are written up purely to give the accountant something to work from at the year end. There is however, those businesses that maintain records throughout the year in order to produce in house management accounts for their own use or for external use (eg the bank or composite reports for the manufacturer if you are a motor dealer). When these records fall out of order, for example if your in house accountant retired, it can be a nightmare trying to get them caught up to date. Problems dealt with on a daily basis on the day they occur is one thing but when you are trying to sort out problems that are now a few weeks old they become altogether more difficult, not least because it is not as fresh in your mind. This naturally ends up making you get further and further behind.

You normally would now have a couple of options. Do you write off any differences you may have on the ledger accounts (bank, cash etc) to bring your self up to date or do you employ the services of your accountant. Both of these have their problems. Firstly, writing off differences is not really acceptable if the accounts are for an external source, questions may be asked as to where figures came from and of course some of them canít be substantiated. So maybe you should ask your accountant to sort it out. While this will undoubtedly be more accurate it will also take your accountant time and, as mentioned before on our site, accountants can be charging anything from £25+/£50+ per hour for their time and bringing records back up to date accurately can take quite some time depending on the nature of them.

Now, with Diamond Bookkeeping, you have a third option, our Record Recovery system. With Record Recovery we will provide to you a service similar to that which you would expect from your accountant but at a much more affordable price. By taking advantage of our Record Recovery service you would in no way be obliging yourself to use any of our services in the future, you are more than welcome to use us as a one off solution to the current problem. It of course goes without saying that anything we do for you would be in the strictest confidence and a file showing exactly what we had done would be prepared for you to show to your accountant when he comes to do your accounts or simply for your own piece of mind.

Please see our frequently asked questions page for the rates we charge for all our services including Record Recovery.


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